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We offer a variety of education resources including our Insights On Wellness program, our app Soar - Mood Tracker, our podcast and blog, as well as our social media channels and newsletter. 

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Insights on wellness program

Insights on wellness program


This educational program was developed by the founders in collaboration with Teen Mental Health to better the mental health literacy of high schoolers. The content is geared towards increasing knowledge of and decreasing stigma surrounding mental health. The program has proven to improve mental health literacy according to statistical analysis and data interpretation; it is now being implemented in four schools of Wisconsin. Click to learn more about the program. 

This app functions as a complement to therapy, allowing users to track their moods and emotions while providing resources to cope with those moods. Soar makes it easy to visualize how you have been over a period of time and the things that improve your mental well-being. Click here to read more. 

Soar - mood tracker

soar - mood tracker


The podcast serves to spread pertinent information and awareness about mental health. Various guest speakers are brought in to discuss their unique perspectives and relations with mental health. Whether it be someone suffering from mental health, an author writing about mental health afflicted characters, or a neurobiologist studying the molecular underpinnings of neurodiversity the Soaring Minds Podcast provides fruitful conversation that aims to educate the community.

soaring minds podcast

soaring minds podcast


A Storied Mind is a blog that talks about current events with mental health, general tips for coping, and more. The purpose is to put actively engaging content for raising awareness and providing resources to readers. Check it out here! 

A storied mind

A storied mind


social media


Our social media content are there for educating the public about mental health topics. We dive into the specifics of certain illnesses such as depression, while also recommending activities to help with mental health struggles. Join us on our journey of educating! 

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