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  • Writer's pictureShankar Thiru | CEO & Founder

The Variety and Brilliancy of Art as a Means for Recovery

When thinking about mental health care, the environment that the patient is placed in is easy to glide over. However, much of the rooms that patients are brought into are bare and bleak and are not conducive for proper recovery. A lot of the times, people have faced a tragic moment or dark thought and the first impression they get of the treatment plan is the room that they are taken to. A bare room with just white walls and metal chairs can lead to further depression and an unreadiness for treatment. However, we believe that artwork and homely furniture are a means of uplifting the alienness of the rooms and the trepidation of patients which is why we decided to partner with ProHealth Care and donate some artwork pieces that are specially designed to be preventative of attempts to harm with its soft edges and smooth surface.



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